Virtual Field Day Instructions

Day Of – 

Thanks for visiting our instructions page and we hope you’re ready to have some fun!!

Please see immediately below for the 25 point activity instructions and further below for explanations on others.  Email the PTO with any questions! 

Rube Goldberg Challenge Instructions!

  • Minimum of 5 total steps to complete the task of the contraption
  • 3 different elements (choices are domino effect, simple ramp, pulley, release tool, tunnel (i.e. closed tube))
  • Video submissions must include a full successful attempt and the person submitting the video must appear in the video as well.
  • Only get points if can get the contraption to fully complete the task
  • DISCLAIMER – any 8th grader (or sibling of an 8th grader) MUST create a NEW contraption and CANNOT simply re-use their project from Mrs. McLaughlin’s science class!!

Here are some helpful links/videos for explanations and ideas:

Cooking / Baking Challenge!

Have a favorite baking or cooking show??  Take your best shot at recreating an item, or come up with your own culinary masterpiece! Post your creation on your team’s Padlet as well as a family member’s reaction to trying the delicious treat/meal! Could be your own reaction, too! 🙂

Having trouble finding ingredients? Check out these sites for common cooking and baking substitutions! 

Team Collaboration Song / Dance Video

Ever seen one of those dance compilations with lots of people doing the same dance but spliced together to sync with the music??  Grab friends from your team and put together a dance video and submit onto your Padlet – you can start planning and recording this activity as soon as you all are signed up and then be ready to post it to the Padlet on Field Day!

Example here!!

Other Activities –

Style points can be awarded at the discretion of the PTO at ANY TIME so get your game on!! Let’s have some fun!! #MCSSchoolSpirit

Activity Points Instructions
How long can you dribble a basketball? 5 Grab a basketball and dribble as long as you can! Too easy? Let’s see your moves – style points awarded here! Both hands, through your legs, spinning around… let’s see what you can do!!
How many hats can you balance? 5 Prepare a variety of hats. Count how many hats you can stack before they fall!
How many basketball shots can you make in a row? 5 How many shots can you make in a row? From any distance! Bragging rights up for grabs!
Ball Hug Race 5 Find a ball (smaller for younger students). Each student will place a ball between his/her knees and race to the opposite line and back again (20 ft out).
Balance a book 5 How far can you walk balancing a book on your head?
Shoe kick 5 Loosen one shoe so your toes still are in it. From a starting line, kick that shoe into the air. Students might take a running start, or not. How far can you go?!
How long can you hula hoop? 5 Grab your hula hoop and swing those hips!
How far can you toss a football? 5 Grab a football and give it a throw!
How far can you toss a Frisbee? 5 Grab a Frisbee and give it your best toss!
How long can you jump rope? 5 Forwards, backwards, double dutch! Show off your moves!
How fast can you make a smiley face out of Play-Doh? 5 Get out the Play-Doh ahead of time. Have someone ready to time you. On go, make a smiley face as fast as you can.
Different accents 5 Record yourself saying, “Monsignor Clarke School is the best!” with your best international accent!
Egg & Spoon Race 10 Get a spoon and an egg or marshmallow. Ask an adult to measure 20 ft and run back and forth. Item drops? Restart!
Cup stack 10 How high can you stack plastic cups (any configuration)?
No Thumbs 10 Tape your thumbs to the side of your hands and try to tie your shoelaces.
Do it with their feet 10 Draw a cross with a crayon or marker between your toes! Bragging rights if you can color it in!
House of cards 10 Try to get three levels – 2 stories and a roof! Post a pic of your best try!
Build a boat out of Legos! 10 Grab your Legos and make your best boat creation! Needs to be at least 6 inches in length!
How fast can you fold (well) 10 pieces of laundry? 10 Get Mom or Dad’s approval on a job well done!
How long can you stay in a handstand? 10 No broken bones, please!
Clean the bathroom 20 Get Mom or Dad’s approval on a job well done!
Rube Goldberg challenge 25 See above for detailed instructions!
Cooking / baking challenge 25 See above for detailed instructions!
Team collaboration song video 25 See above for detailed instructions!