PTO Meeting Minutes 11-09-21

Meeting Minutes

Dr Lisi:  “Thank you to all for your words of encouragement and support over the last couple of weeks. It’s been a challenging time, and we are limited as to what we can comment on so thank you for your patience. We did all we can, and our main goal is to provide a safe and productive environment. Thank you.”

President’s Update (John Ball)

“The PTO Board is excited to bring back as many fun social activities as possible after the past year and a half of limited activities. We want to value tradition while we look forward to exploring new ideas. As we work towards new changes, we ask everyone to be patient and work together.”

1st Poll question: Is the PTO sending too many emails/requests from the parents so far this school year?
  • Yes, I like a sense of community, but it’s been too much this year and its only November 33%
  • No, I feel you are striking the right balance: 67%
2nd Poll question: What would you like to see for upcoming Family events?
  • Family- Ice skating at URI or Narragansett 61%
  • Family- NE Revolution playoff game (Thanksgiving weekend) 11%
  • Family- URI basketball game (Feb/March) 50%
  • Family- Adventure land 44%
  • Family- B Bruins Game 22%
3rd Poll Question: What would you like to see for upcoming Parent Night Out Events?
  • Shepherd’s Run- Wine and Cheese night 67%
  • All South County Cinemas 28%
  • Live music at Whalers or Shaidzon brewing 78%
  • Sip n’ Paint with Create a Color 22%

Communication/Engagement Coordinator Update: (Nicole):

  • School Directories being printed this week and will be sent home
  • We didn’t make any of the minimum order requirements for spirit wear and therefore couldn’t place the orders
  • Holiday breakfast for teachers- Tentative- Friday, December 15th

Social Chair Update (Julie):

  • Mother/Daughter Pottery luncheon: Nov 20th, 2022 (Sat) $15 pp includes ornament/lunch (Cowabunga) Able to upgrade pottery onsite.
  • Father/Son Nerf night: Jan 20, 2022 (Thurs) $15pp includes 2 hr private nerf/party room and Phil’s pizza
  • Father/Daughter Dance: March 4th (tentative) (Fri) – $60/couple includes dinner, photo booth, dancing theme, looking to have kids vote on theme
  • Mother/Son Bowling night: TBD, looking to include glow/ rock n’ bowling and dinner

Fundraising Chair Update (Lisa):

  • Finished Mrs. Field’s fundraiser: set a modest goal of $5k in sales. We exceeded the goal, $7k +. Don’t have exact $ amount yet, but we raised about $2500 in funds for the school. Will arrive to school 2nd week in December. Comes frozen. Need volunteers to help organize for pick up or to send home with students. Please contact Lisa if you are able to volunteer.
  • Giveback night: Wednesday, 11/10- 10% of total sales for the night will be donated to MCS.
  • 12 days of Christmas raffle. Start selling tickets the end of this week. More to come on what prizes will be. Daily raffles. 12 chances to win. $20/ticket. Goal of selling 250 tickets. Will be able to share link with people to purchase tickets.
  • 2022 planning: Golf tournament (Date TBD)
  • Other ideas: Jogathon, 5k, would like input from the rest of the PTO!

Room Parent Update (Amanda):

  • Sent email to Room parents yesterday to thank them for their support for book fair and spooktacular.
  • Suggested start to coordinate room gifts for teachers (not mandatory). Venmo or cash app is easiest.
  • Sent reminder about Giveback night @ The Flatts and Christmas raffle


PTO Meeting Minutes 10-14-21

Sara Marshall: Welcome, Introductions to Board members

  • PTO President: John Ball
  • PTO Fundraising Chair: Lisa Stanelun
  • PTO Social Chair: Julie Wilson
  • PTO Communications/Parent Engagement: Nicole Paliotti
  • Room Parent Coordinator: Amanda Desantis

President update (John): Thanks for attending, really good engagement so far this year. Funny4Funds, ice cream social were both a success. Thank you to Halloween spooktacular committee for event this weekend.

Social chair update (Julie):

  • PTO mission: “Build a sense of community among our families, teachers and staff. Through volunteering and developing opportunities for funding, we strive to address school needs and support enrichment activities in order to provide the best educational experience for our children.”
  • 1st Poll question –  Are PTO meetings in person or via Zoom preferred? 50/50 response – “find a way to offer both” or “continue offering via ZOOM”
  • Funny4Funds: Successful parent nights’ event @ The Rathskeller, raised $2600.
    • PRO: it was a great event; the bar was wonderful to have
    • CON: a weekend is preferred; it was cold
    • Feedback from Chris Finlay: It was awesome, it was cold, but nothing we could do about that. Great to attend a “normal” event again.
  • Upcoming Events:
    • Halloween Spooktacular- Saturday (Oct 16th) 5:30-8:30- (Estimating 220 attendees right now)
    • Clark Farm Middle School night- Saturday (Oct 23rd) 5-9pm (30+ attendees)
    • TBD- Parent/Student night out (aiming for Nov)
  • PTO poll: Should we continue tradition of four events- mother/daughter, father/son, mother/son, father daughter OR move towards two events- two “girls night out” and two “boys night outs”?
    • 63%- keep tradition 38% – move towards two events
    • Michelle Main offered to chair father/daughter dance- Thank you Michelle!
  • Possible Christmas Nativity Drive through? (aim for early December)
    • Engaging music/theatre teachers and parent volunteers to pull together drive thru event. Possible stations set up with actors who could tell the story of Christmas. Specific drive thru times.
    • PTO poll: Are there volunteers who would like to chair/volunteer to help pull this OUTDOOR event together?
    • 0 volunteers for chair
    • 14% willing to help on a committee, 64% would attend this event, 21 % – Are you crazy? This seems like a huge undertaking

Fundraising Chair UPDATE (Julie for Lisa):

  • Looking to fund our “friend-raising” community social events as well as striving to make several improvements to the campus.
  • Paid for bibles for 7th grade bible mass and new 7th and 8th grade students- COMPLETE!
  • Basketball hoop for the elem playground – have raised funding but need help sourcing and installing hoops
  • Bathroom updates- refresh- new floors, stall doors, touchless faucets, and new décor.
  • Upcoming fundraisers:
    • Mrs Fields Fundraiser- Oct 14th thru Oct 27th, delivery in the 2nd week of Dec .
      • All done online, when items arrive group, need volunteers to help coordinate pick up times and sorting
      • Michelle Main volunteered to help- Thanks Michelle!
    • Give back night- Nov 10th @ the Flatts Restaurant – 10% of all sales will be donated to MCS PTO
    • Christmas Calendar: in the works! More info coming soon
    • School Store Info went out today- this runs all year
    • Anyone interested in being part of the fundraising committee in general, please contact Lisa. There will be opportunities as we enter into the new year and we are always open to new ideas!

Communications/Parent Engagement Chair UPDATE (Nicole):

  • Working on School directory, received 187 responses. Lots of positive feedback from parents about doing this.
    • Sam Coogan feedback: Look at MySchool App for possible digital platform for school directory
    • Front office is currently working on software updates to have a digital platform for school registration, sign ups, etc….

Other Topics:

  • Field Day Volunteers & Chair Person Needed!
    • Timing in June
    • Melissa Wray will chair- thank you Melissa!
  • Coaches needed for Basketball! (Cassie)
    • Middle school coaches needed
    • Need 3rd and 4th boys
    • 3rd, 4th and 5th girl coaches
    • Younger kids, practice twice a week right after school
    • Middle school- practice 3 times a week
    • Season starts Dec 4th- thru end of March
  • Also still looking for Middle school robotics help

Open Discussion:

  • Sam Coogan: Would like to see long term vision for grounds/building updates. Lighting updates, more like the middle school
  • Turf field in the back: could we include benches in addition to logo? Need some type of netting in the back so balls don’t leave school yard.
  • Cassie Barbato: Anthem Sports in Pawcatuck, CT may be able to help sourcing our basketball hoops and their affiliates could install
  • Kerri Grundy: historically, a jog-a-thon with t-shirt sales has been very successful in raising money for large projects (e.g. turfing and outfitting back fields)
  • Nicole: Would people like to see a school spirit wear store?
    • Squad Locker, Custom Ink, Martha Whittier, 401 Studio- Nicole will research for next meeting


PTO Meeting Minutes 09-09-21

PTO Board Introductions

  • John Ball- President
  • Amanda Desantis- Room Parent Coordinator
  • Julie Johnson- Social Chair
  • Lisa Stanelun-Fundraising chair
  • Nicole Paliotti- Communications/Parent Engagement

Dr Lisi – opening remarks.

1 week in, students are still enrolling. Highest enrollment since 2013. We are off to a great start and looking forward to a great year.

President’s Update (John):

Focus on community, do as many events as possible in person. Please reach out if you want to participate on any subcommittee or help with school projects.

Parent Engagement/Communications Coordinator Update (Nicole):

Funny4Funds event, September 30th @ The Rathskeller. Doors open at 6pm. Show starts @ 7pm. We are looking for sponsorships (thru the website) and raffle prizes. Please send into the office.

Social Chair Update (Julie):

  • Fall/Halloween Spooktacular Outdoor event October 16th, 100% outdoors. Cassie Barbato has volunteered to chair the event. Thank you Cassie!    Ideas: Trunk or treat, scarecrow making, games, donut eating, DJ. All MCS families welcome.
  • Middle School Clarke Farm event: Able to accommodate October 23rd, 5-9pm . Looking for folks to volunteer. Please contact Lisa.
  • Other Events:
    • Christmas Drive thru nativity
    • Holiday raffle calendar

Room Parent Update (Amanda)

Thank you to new room parents, as well as veteran room parents. We are teaming up in some grades. Still working on a few classes. Class lists will be coming out this week.  Amanda and Nicole to work on School Directory once class lists are finalized. Hope to have done in October.


Fundraising for specific items: Face lift for cafeteria and front bathrooms

Open Discussion:

Michelle Main: Holiday raffle fundraiser- do we want to stay within the school community or go out to local businesses for raffle prizes? Holiday bazaar vendors aren’t on board to make donations. Lisa- we would have to reach out to the community for donations.

Thanks to all for attending!

September PTO Updates

September 2021 | Issue 1

Upcoming Events

PTO meetings will be hosted in the library or via Zoom the 2nd Thursday of each month @ 7pm.

  • 1st PTO meeting: September 9th @ 7pm
  • Parent’s Night Out: September 30th
  • Fall Festival: Oct 16th (Rain date Oct 17th)

Open Volunteer Positions

We are currently looking for parent volunteers to help with the following projects. Please contact if you would like to help.

  • Fall festival subcommittee
  • Fall Book Fair
  • Christmas festival subcommittee
  • Paint the cafeteria
  • Give the front foyer bathrooms a “facelift”

2021-2022 PTO Board Members

    • PTO President: John Ball
    • Social Chair: Julie Johnson
    • Fundraising Chair: Lisa Stanelun
  • Communications/Parent Engagement Coordinator: Nicole Paliotti
  • Room Parent Coordinator: Amanda DeSantis

Be sure to Join Us for Parent’s Night Out!

A Funny4Funds event @The Rathskeller September 30th

It’s been awhile since we have been able to host a Parent’s night out. Come meet up with other MCS parents for a good cause. Tickets are $25 and there will be a cash bar and the al carte Burger bar will be open down back @ The Rathskeller. Event is outside under the tent.


Welcome Back from the MCS PTO!

Welcome New & Returning MCS Families!

MCS has been fortunate to have a strong parent and teacher network dedicated to building a sense of community as well as providing volunteers and funds to meet school needs and support enrichment activities. Over the years, the PTO has helped fund the science lab, playground equipment, retreat space, smart boards, tablets, and ChromeBooks. These efforts directly impact our education and school environment.

Last year was unusual, with little opportunity to host in person events, and students and families suffering from Zoom fatigue. A main goal of the PTO this year is to rebuild and reinforce the sense of community for which MCS is known. To relaunch and re energize the PTO, we are asking for your support and involvement more than ever, and are seeking volunteers to fill open board positions. We look forward to getting to know you and we welcome your ideas and suggestions.

PTO Board Open Positions

Social Chair: Responsible for organizing and establishing committees for PTO social events to get the school community together, including oversight or management of parent/child events. 

Fundraising Chair: Works closely with the Social Chair and is primarily responsible for the school’s small fundraisers and oversees the chairs of the large events. 

Room Parent Coordinator: Responsible for communicating all important information to Room Parents and following up. Takes board meeting notes and disseminates them to Room Parents. Assists in social/fundraising activities as needed. 

Communications & Engagement Ambassador: Responsible for helping to build PTO involvement outreach to families, including the PTO newsletter, website, and bulletin board. Ideally would have the flexibility to be at school during times where they could engage with families face to face. (ex: pick-up line, school events) Needs to be outgoing and energetic.

If you are interested in serving in one of these roles, or have further questions, please send an email to the PTO or contact Sara Marshall.

Have an idea for the PTO?

The PTO would love to have your ideas and opinions. Historically, the PTO has coordinated several large events during the year, including the Halloween Spooktacular, Christmas Festival, and Golf Tournament, as well as smaller fundraising events. We would love to hear from you about things you have seen that work! We encourage you to provide suggestions for additional fundraisers or social events.

Information for PTO Meetings & Events

First PTO Meeting will be Thursday, September 2 at 7pm. For the 2021/2022 school year, we will have general PTO meetings every other month to discuss our larger initiatives, and will work in subcommittees to plan specific events.  We are also asking for event involvement by class by (a) asking class parents (or their alternate) to attend all general meetings to represent the views of class; and (b) ‘sponsoring’ specific events by assisting in the planning and/or providing volunteers for the event.

New Family Ice Cream Social – Sunday, August 29th, 2021 from 6:00 – 7:30 pm @ MCS Playground. Hosted by MCS Admissions & Parent Ambassador Team

How can you support the PTO?

The PTO is a team effort!  Our success depends on active participation by parents, guardians, and other family members, as well as our dedicated teachers and staff. Studies have shown that students who have involved parents do better academically. We have opportunities to match the amount of time you can give. Just a few hours of your time will help us reach our goals.

Share Your Opinions & Expertise

Get involved! Attend general PTO meetings to learn about upcoming events and become part of the decision making process. Our first meeting will be held on Thursday, September 2 at 7pm.  We will offer a Zoom option to increase participation and involvement. More information will be sent a week before this meeting.