PTO Meeting Notes & Festival Update

Please find below information about the Christmas Festival as well as notes from last week’s PTO meeting. Email the PTO with any questions or comments.

Christmas Festival – December 15th, 2019

— How You Can Help —

  • Attend the next planning meeting – Monday, November 25th @ 6pm in the conference room
  • Contribute to the PTO fund to purchase supplies and items needed for gift baskets and the kitchen! (Feel free to send in cash or a check, too!)
  • Volunteer!
  • Provide a baked good to sell at the festival!
  • Spread the word! Pick up flyers and lawn signs in the office!
  • Come to the event and support the vendors and MCS!

— General Information —

What is the Christmas Festival?
It’s one of our biggest fundraisers!! Local vendors and artisans sell their goods from 9:00am to 3:00pm. Their goods are amazing and make wonderful Christmas gifts for family and friends (or yourself… because you’ve been good!)
In addition, there is a Gift Basket Sale, a Book Fair and a Raffle of Themed Prize Packages! Eddie’s BBQ will have a pop up kitchen with items to sell along drinks and delicious baked goods during the event.
Are there activities for the kids?
Absolutely! We have a kid play area with games and a mini candy store, along with a Santa’s Workshop with craft making and most importantly, a chance to visit with Santa Claus and have a family festive photo taken for $5!

PTO 11/14/19 Meeting Notes
— General PTO Notes —
  • The bowling Parent Night Out was cancelled due to lack of participation…BUT: informal parent get together THIS FRIDAY! Stop by the ChopHouse Grill, starting at 7:45! 
  • Upcoming family social events – PTO is working on a URI basketball game in January once again. This was well attended and a lot of fun last year. Also, we will be looking to schedule a family ice skating time at Boss Arena for February / March.
  • Father / Son Dodgeball event was very well attended – over 80 participants!! Thanks for coming out!
  • Father / Daughter event – Lauren Maines and Melissa Wray are the co-chairs. More information coming soon.
  • Mother / Son & Mother / Daughter – more information will be coming soon. Considering a survey for mother / daughter to see what type of event girls would be interested in. Email the PTO if you would like to help!
  • Book fair will be the week of December 9th! Purchase some books and sign up to volunteer!
  • Administrative Update –
    • Sara reported update enrollment numbers.
    • Proposed the PTO help bridge the financial gap for the Gaga Pit service project – PTO is open to the idea, we need additional information to vote.
    • Playground committee needed! We want to support a playground refresh (paved area for 4-square, basketball area upgrade, etc.) but need volunteers. Email the PTO if interested!!
    • A.M. Finlay and Amanda DeSantis have been working on a proposal for the PTO to purchase playground equipment (balls, goals, etc.). MCS Administration to discuss logistics of maintain equipment between recesses.

— Christmas Festival Notes —

  • Vendors – We currently have 77 vendors signed up. 
  • We are in need of a Vendor Manager for the weekend of the actual event (with set up being available on Friday now, instead of Saturday, this is no longer needed).
  • Additional yard signs will be ordered. The replacement fence banner will be here Monday.
  • The Keramidas family has agreed to provide Subway again for the vendors.
  • Sara will submit to parish bulletins a blurb about festival.
  • Santa will be available 1:30 – 3pm that day. PTO will ask Chad Borke to take pics again.
  • Kids craft station – Ann Borke has agreed to run the craft area once again. It is planned for the Campus Ministry Room.
  • Cassie Barbato will run a Life Expression holiday workshop for gifts. A portion of the proceeds will go back to MCS.
  • Hourly raffle – this will be Heather Mayo’s last year; PTO will ask Rachel Tenuta to shadow (done and she has agreed).
  • Baskets – Rayleen LaRue has been gathering donations for baskets. We will make a limited number of baskets to sell. PTO will ask families for cash donations and will purchase items to make class baskets and gift baskets.
  • We will bring back the bake sale. Will ask Anna Selwyn if she will chair this once again.
  • Kitchen – Steve McLaughlin will run with Eddie’s BBQ. Need kitchen volunteers.
  • Gift wrapping station – need to determine if we want to do this; may be too much.
  • Plan to do Golden Ticket; need to figure out item.
  • Next meeting – Monday, November 25th @ 6pm in the conference room.

PTO Fundraisers

We are still collecting physical box tops, but they are being phased out. Download the appand scan your receipt for qualifying purchases.
Don’t want to download the app? Send in your receiptsand we will scan them for you! You don’t need to know if you have a qualifying purchase!
SchoolStore– Magazines, gift cards, and other unique items available for purchase. There are some very cute Christmas gifts available!
Register your rewards cardfor A+ points, the school gets a percentage at no cost to you. Tell your friends & family!!
Select MCS, the school gets a percentage of the purchase price at no cost to you. Sign up now!!Tell your friends & family!!