PTO Meeting Minutes from 9/26/18

Welcome, Opening Prayer, Introductions
  • Met the new board members –
    • Kate Smith – President, Jared Goodwin – Past President, Lauren Maines – Communications Coordinator, Melissa Wray – Room Parent Coordinator, Diana McLaughlin – Social Chair
  • Goals for this year –
    • Development of a PTO charter, mission statement and website, fundraising, social events, communication, and keeping meetings to an hour
PTO Sponsored Fundraising Events
  • SchoolStore –
    • Packets went out and we are continuing to promote, great start – all initial sign up prizes have been distributed but more will be coming
  • Box Tops –
    • Susan Stuart (chair) reported that collection is year round but there are 2 submission times (Fall & Spring), try to bundle in groups of 50 and put in Ziplock bag with teacher’s name on it, monies earned will go directly to the teacher name provided, teachers use money for classroom, unlabeled box tops will be distributed at schools discretion, first submission will be October 15th
  • Stop n Shop Rewards Program –
    • Register your card # and support up to 2 schools, schools earn money from registered card purchases (does not cost anything nor interfere with customer reward program/gas points), anyone can register their card and they do not have to be affiliated with school or have children enrolled at school
  • Other Discussion –
    • No formal magazine drive this year, only magazine renewals for low pressure fundraising, does not conflict with school store
    • AmazonSmile – we are still enrolled but need to promote more
    • Christmas Festival – Dec 2, Chair is Cassie Barbato, more info to follow
    • Book Fair – chair is Kari Catero, set for week before Xmas festival (during school) and during festival, discussion on whether to cut down to 3 days and afternoon hours, volunteers needed
    • Golf Tournament – chair is Jared Goodwin, date set for May 13, 2019 @ Valley Country Club, there is a committee and volunteers still welcomed
PTO Sponsored Social Events
  • MCS Day at Clark Farm ~ Sunday October 14th, 1:00 – 4:00
  • Halloween Spooktacular ~ Saturday October 20th, 6:00 – 9:00pm
    • Chair: Cassie Barbato
    • Event will feature trunk or treat (families decorate cars and pass out candy), haunted hallway, games, crafts, and food, small fee to enter event (fee used by committee to purchase allergy sensitive treats and to supplement donations)
    • Changing layout of haunted hallway, will open at 7
    • Volunteers needed to help run event
  • Father/Son (or bring someone special) Event ~ November 30th
    • Chair: Mike Smith
    • Providence Bruins Game
    • More info/promotion closer to event
    • Click to register!
  • PNO: Spain Restaurant ~ date TBD
    • Possible event date November 2nd or 3rd
    • Food and drink menu for set price, chance for adults to get out and get to know each other better
    • More details and promo to follow
  • Other Discussion –
    • Volunteers added for other parent (SS)/child events, more discussion at another meeting
    • Other possible social events – movie night for kids, bowling, Rockspot (for older kids), Nighttime activities at Clark Farm
School Events
  • Gloria Gemma Walk ~ September 30th
  • Buff Wessman & Diana McLaughlin
  • Friday dress down day $3 to support MCS Cares; pairing with PTO on this event
School Administration Report
  • Message from the Development Office/Dr Lisi
  • Program additions – Spanish, choir, math specialist
  • Enrollment at high over last three years, now at 244 students
  • Taste & Sea raised over $37K
  • Upcoming focus for development is adopt a classroom, re enrollment, open house, student ambassadors
  • Faculty and staff preparing for NEASC, committed to additional safety training
  • Wish List discussed – funds for security improvements, A/C in gym, extended day and campus ministry room, bus for field trips and sporting events (approval from insurance company granted), school beautification (discussion and research on fence cups), added programs (ex graphic design and coding club)
  • Financial Statements –
    • PTO funding spent –
      • Chromebook cart purchased from St Pius (saved around $4K)
      • Risers purchased for drama and choir use
      • Safety and security improvements (curb cut and striping behind school, more staff assigned to morning drop off duty, replacement of gates/latches in all playgrounds)
      • Bibles for all 6th grade students
    • Balance at approximately $23,000
    • Accounting register and Quick Report for July 2018 – September 2018 provided for PTO records
Open discussion, Questions Suggestions
  • MCS lawn signs and car stickers
  • Fundraiser for playground equipment
Recap meeting follow ups
  • Meeting date will be set for early November, more info to follow