Field Day Wrap Up!

The PTO wants to thank the entire MCS community for making our virtual Field Day event a success!! From the team sponsors to the teachers to the students to the families to everyone involved… your participation made this all possible and we’re so happy to be a part of this special family.
These pictures are just a small sampling of the amazing creations and feats that were performed today. Please take a few minutes and check out the Team Padlets!!
And Without Further Ado…
While each team completed a significant amount of challenges, one team did rise to the top. We would like to congratulate theORANGE TEAMfor winning the 2020 Virtual Field Day Event!!
Team Points / Stats –
  • Orange Team – 1240 points with 114 activities completed
  • Blue Team – 1232 points with 105 activities completed
  • Red Team – 1058 points with 94 activities completed
  • Yellow Team – 1042 points with 103 activities completed
  • Green Team – 925 points with 100 activities completed
Thank you once again to everyone who was a part of this day. We hope you had fun, despite not being together.

Staff Challenge
Thank you again to everyone who contributed to the staff challenge!!
  • If you missed Mrs. McLaughlin’s live “dunk tank,” you can view the recording here!!
  • Mrs. Wessman’s TikTok can be viewed here!
  • Be on the look out next Wednesday for the new version of Dr. Lisi!