10.22.2020 | PTO Meeting Minutes

I. Welcome (7:05PM) – John

II. Old business and approval of last meeting’s minutes

III. Introduction of new Board Members –Β  All new board members πŸ™‚

John Ball, PTO President
Kate Smith, PTO past President
Amanda Andrade, Room Parent Coordinator
Stephanie Barnaba, Social Event Chair
Nicole Paliotti, Fundraising Chair

IV. Social Events Report –Β Halloween Picture Contest (Stephanie)

β—‹ Virtual Costume Contest
β—‹ Students/Families/Pets can dress up, pose for a picture, and submit it to the padlet for the school community to vote
β—‹ Open now; winners will be announced Nov. 8th – https://padlet.com/bernabastephanie/VirtualCostumeContest2020

V. Future Social Events

β—‹ Cocoa “bombs”/pottery
β—‹ Twas the night before Christmas/Advent Event

VI. Fundraising Update (Nicole)

β—‹ School store
β—‹ Squad Locker – Nicole is reviewing Squad Locker as we speak and will be including items that are approved by the Administration. We intend to include: apparel, mugs, chairs, etc.
β—‹ Virtual book fair – Via Wakefield Books (website, in-person, or call and order). Will be promoted after Halloween. Nov 27 – 29th. MCS will get 20% of the proceeds.
β—‹ Family restaurant nights – Hoping to do it monthly!
β—‹ Shopping programs (Amazon Smiles, Stop and Shop A+ rewards, Box tops)
β—‹ Reorder masks and water bottles – Selling now – https://mcspto.itemorder.com/sale

VII. Principal’s Report (Dr. Lisi)

β—‹ Thank you to all who attended and to the Board
β—‹ It’s a different year for us as some of the traditional fundraising opportunities/events will not be possible (Christmas Festival/Golf Tournament/etc.)
β—‹ Annual Fund has been successful
β—‹ This is an expensive year for MCS due to the need for PPE, cleaning equipment, etc.
β—‹ Dr. Lisi would love for us to think of creative ways for us to support teachers. This new environment puts a lot of stress and added pressures on the teachers. Due to constant caution and trying to keep the students healthy.
β–ͺ IDEAS: Gift card rally, luncheons, can teacher appreciation be spaced out or done earlier/maybe we do something 1x per month vs. 1 week in the Spring, have a food truck visit, have the students write thank you notes/draw pictures

VIII. PTO Goals for the Year

β—‹ Sense of community (finding opportunities to come together virtually) – Parents Night in, finding ways to bring new families together, etc.
β—‹ Supporting Teachers
β—‹ Fundraising
β—‹ Laminator needed for the teachers –> $1,500 – 2,500 — Ask the Catholic School Office to see if they have a bulk purchasing idea
β—‹ Air filtration for the classrooms (Sara is looking into Corporate Sponsorships)

IX. Open Discussion, Q&A Group

β—‹ A.M. Finlay
β—‹ Shared an idea for GeoCashe
β—‹ Online Internet Escape Room (escaperoom.com)
β—‹ Michelle Main/Audrey Scott/Cassie – Christmas Festival is not possible; however, should we close the loop with vendors and give them a “Save the Date” for next year (1st Sunday of December). Audrey is happy to inquire to see if vendors could be interested in donating items for an auction/raffle in exchange for advertisement.
β—‹ Kate Smith – Idea (!) – Daily “Calendar” Raffle with vendor donations as a fundraiser or create a silent auction/fundraising site. We can advertise for them on the PTO website. Minimum – $25/Send picture.
β—‹ John Ball – Idea (!) – Zoom raffle live on the 1st Sunday of December
β—‹ Diana McLaughlin – Advertise the Christmas Festival vendors etsy shops
Decision : Audrey Scott will go forward with the Daily “Calendar” Raffle. Sara is going to help with verbiage on the email.
β—‹ Nicole – Virtual Jog – a – thon/road race – can be tracked by an app
β—‹ Sara – Mr. JP would like to do a Living Nativity/drive thru at the school (ask for donations). Consider doing that the 1st Sunday of December.

Adjourned at 7:57PM