Tuition Assistance

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The Diocese of Providence believes that children from all walks of life should have access to a Catholic education. There are three ways to receive financial aid: from your parish, from the diocese and from the school. All aid is given on the basis of demonstrated need. Need is assessed by a third party provider called FACTS Management.

In order to apply for tuition assistance, families should complete a tuition assistance application and submit it to our needs-assessment provider, FACTS Management. Applications can be obtained at the FACTS Management website, or here at the school. Awards are not renewable, so families must re-apply each year.

If you are currently enrolled at MCS, the deadline for returning the application is February. Please send your form directly to FACTS GRANT & AID; along with your $20.00 check made payable to FACTS GRANT & AID or you may complete your form online. If you complete your form online, please make a copy in the event your online application was not received in its entirety by Facts Grant & Aid.

Students who are not currently enrolled at MCS must also apply to FACTS GRANT & AID to apply for all types of financial aid. We will provide you with financial aid information and processes during the registration process.

Parish Financial Aid
Parish financial assistance may be available to you. Please complete the Parish Financial Aid Form and submit to your local parish. Parish aid requests are granted on an individual basis and disseminated from the pastor. Parish aid requests require that the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment be completed and submitted. Both the family and school are notified from the parish if financial aid is awarded.

Diocesan Financial Aid
The Diocese of Providence administers a tuition assistance program for families of modest means in grades K-12. All Diocesan aid is given on the basis of demonstrated need. Diocesan aid requires that the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment be completed and submitted.

School Financial Aid
The school offers financial aid through scholarships which are given on a needs basis. The FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment must be completed and submitted.